Outsourced General Counsel

The cost of hiring traditional law firms to sort out your contracts, approvals and disputes quickly adds up. But like any growing business, it’s important to cover your legal bases without breaking the bank.

Depending on your spend, employing your own in-house lawyer might save you money and give you a dedicated team member to get your legals sorted on your terms.

But what if you’re simply not ready to lock in that kind of commitment? After all, your volume of legal issues might not require full-time support.

Enter the ‘outsourced general counsel’ – an experienced, commercially minded  in-house lawyer who 'gets' your business. They'll work remotely or part-time from your office, on-call and on your terms.

We’ve handpicked some of Australia’s best outsourced general counsel who are ready to be matched to your business – are you ready to try a better way?

What we’re looking for is basically someone to take responsibility for our in house legal. Using a legal firm is proving very difficult... I’d like someone to come in, understand the business and the way we do things, conduct a review of everything and make any changes.
— Customer enquiry (July 2017)

What is An outsourced general counsel?

An outsourced general counsel provides your business with the benefit of having in-house counsel – a highly qualified lawyer who is matched with your business and understands it intimately – without the commitment (and cost burden) of bringing a permanent general counsel into the business.

You can expect responsive, tailored legal services for your business – on demand, on your terms and with total cost transparency.



What are The benefits of using an outsourced general counsel?

An outsourced general counsel brings expert advice and support to your fingertips – whether you prefer an in-house lawyer to work from your office or work remotely as a virtual general counsel, or a mix of both.

The benefits of using an outsourced general counsel include:

  • Access to commercially-minded, top-tier lawyers without paying for law firm overheads.

  • Confidence: know that your legal bases are covered with on-call legal advice as and when you need it.

  • No more surprise bills from external lawyers charging you for every phone call and email.

  • An intimate knowledge of your business and your way of doing things.

  • A win/win for your business and the many exceptional, forward-thinking lawyers who're looking for an alternative to the rigid, traditional law firm career path.



How do you choose the right outsourced in-house counsel?

Look for someone who:

  • Has over 10 years' experience and spent at least half their career as an in-house lawyer for multiple companies.

  • Is 'commercial' – equally comfortable discussing business operations and strategy, while explaining the legal angle, without the legalese.

  • Understands or shows a genuine curiosity about your business and the industry you operate in.

  • Is an exceptional communicator and team player: working flexibly or remotely places a premium on communication skills and the ability to effortlessly transition between independent work and team collaboration.

  • Shows a highly adaptable, tech-savvy mindset. Your systems, your IT, your contracts, your way – the right lawyer will embrace the learning curve and hit the ground running.

  • Has a track record of delivering results for businesses like yours.

How much can you save by using an Outsourced General Counsel?

Daily Rate Comparison

Let us help you

Our vetted network of outsourced general counsel means we can fast track your search for the right lawyer.

Our lawyers:

  • Have at least 10 years' experience.

  • Trained at top-tier or highly regarded law firms.

  • Have significant in-house experience at the senior and general counsel level.

  • Are experienced across multiple industries and sectors.

  • Can handle the full range of day-to-day legal issues that affect your business.

How IT Works


We handpick experienced, in-house lawyers that best suit your requirements.

  • Confidential, bespoke service

  • Vetted, high-calibre talent


Connect with your preferred lawyer and engage them directly.

  • Day rates, monthly retainers, fixed fees – total flexibilityProven in-house experience

  • Competitive rates, no surprise bills

We’re after a type of ‘outsourced in-house lawyer’ to do a strategic legal review of existing contracts and compliance needs and complete 3–6 month roadmap of legal tasks/issues in priority order.
— Customer enquiry (April, 2017)

Outsourced general counsel in action



Lisa is the General Manager of a leading homeware importation business, employing 35 staff in three locations. The company regularly uses an external law firm but lately the legal spend has been adding up. Lisa can’t afford to hire a full-time general counsel.


Claire is an experienced in-house lawyer and corporate governance expert who supports business managers and company directors on strategic and day-to-day legal issues. 



Lisa’s company engages Claire for one week so she can spend time getting to know the business. Claire then works with the business one day a week on an ongoing basis.



Alex owns an IT hardware distribution company. His sole general counsel is totally stretched (and stressed). Alex is worried about being exposed to risk as a result and needs to find additional legal support – fast.


Tom is a commercial lawyer with 12 years' experience at a top tier firm and as Asia-Pacific in-house counsel for NYSE-listed global IT firms and as general counsel for an Australian tech company.



Alex engages Tom on a retainer basis for five days a month to support their general counsel with overflow work. Tom is flexible and can be called on as and when required.



A biotech startup with a presence in Australia and the UK is starting to gain traction. Its founder, Li, needs assistance with an intellectual property licensing and commercialisation deal but is concerned how much it’s going to cost.


Dual qualified (Australia/UK) intellectual property lawyer, Zara, has over a decade of experience working in-house at global pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. Prior to that, she worked in top tier firms servicing clients in the life sciences, healthcare and tech sectors.



Zara is engaged to work with the biotech startup for two months full-time to get through the initial bulk of work. She then works two days a week.


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