InCounsel Weekly #47: Intrapreneur's Dilemma, Legal Design, From Law to Global Startup, Smart Contracts for Dummies and The World's Biggest Hacks

In this week's edition, we meet the ex-lawyer now selling custom heels to Rihanna, we pick apart the Intrapreneur's Dilemma in law, step into the world of legal design, get a crash course on Ethereum Smart Contracts and visualise the world's biggest data hacks.

Talking Legal Ops Software With Jodie Baker, CEO of Xakia

In what started as a research project in 2015, Jodie Baker was asking in-house legal teams one question: what irks you the most in your job?

And the answer was pretty consistent: "I have to do manual reporting, but I don't really know what my team is working on. That when somebody leaves, I don't know how I capture all of that IP."

Fast forward to 2017, Jodie and her team at Xakia now client over 30 in-house legal teams as clients, across Australia, Singapore and the US including some big names like Virgin Australia, Boral and Transurban.

We sat down to talk about her journey so far...

Equity Crowdfunding in Australia – Where Are We At?

While the promise of equity crowdfunding remains largely out of reach for most Australian companies (only public, unlisted companies can raise this way), there's no shortage of action items for startups and crowdfunding platforms for when it finally opens up to private companies next year. 

We caught up with startup lawyer, Alex Solo of sprintlaw for the latest update on where things are at, and the items that should be at the top of your to-do list if you're a startup founder or platform looking to raise cash from the crowd. 

InCounsel Weekly #44: Unilever's GC on Data, 10 Things About Data Breaches, #LegalTech Funding, Exotic Papers and A Remote Work Survival Guide

In this week's edition, Unilever's general counsel talks data; we reveal 10 things every GC should do before a data breach occurs; take stock on global #LawTech funding to date; discover how journalists used discovery techniques to unravel the Panana Papers and get a survival guide for work-from-home parents.

InCounsel Weekly #42: Your In-house Home, Partnership Track, Version Control, Leaderless and The Man Ride

In this week's edition, Canon's Chief Legal Counsel, David Field reveals his secret to finding your in-house home; we meet five women on track to the holy grail: partnership; explore a new take on version control for Microsoft Word; go searching for our law firm leaders and ride 1,000kms for mens mental health.

InCounsel Weekly #41: How to Budget Legal Spend, Debunking The Myth of Patriarchy, Cartoon Contracts, DD Case Study and A Dumb Phone

In this week's edition, we learn how to budget your 2018 legal spend; debate the Law Council’s Gender Equitable Briefing Policy; explore how contracts can work as cartoons; look at a case study for due diligence in the 21st Century and why having a smartphone on our desk dumbs us down.