The GC's Public Policy Role in an Era of Political Distemper

Here's a detailed look at the GC's increasingly important role in corporate public policy in an era marked by geopolitical uncertainty and change.

In the words of former GE senior vice president-general counsel, Ben W. Heineman, Jr.

"As a result of the inside counsel revolution which has made her a core member of the top management team, the GC as lawyer-statesperson must go beyond the basic question, “is it legal?” to the ultimate question for corporate action, “is it right?”"

To help GCs carry out their extended mission, they should adhere to six core principles in public policy:

  1. Develop fairer, clearer facts in policy disputes
  2. Balance values in conflict
  3. Defend globalization while addressing its problems
  4. Build broad coalitions
  5. Promote bi-partisanship and compromise
  6. Take ethical action in the absence of regulation