Relax to The Beat of 432Hz

We all know that music can influence our mood – if we're in the gym, pick some big thumping beats. Need to chill out? Hello, Jack Johnson.

But even Jack can't compete with the science of solfeggio frequencies, found in music that's composed at certain vibrational frequencies which help us on a subconscious level deal issues such as healing and releasing emotional patterns.

Binaural beats, on the other hand, bring you into alignment with certain brainwaves states - alpha, beta, delta, theta, gamma, etc.

Head of Legal ANZ at Cognizant and founder of Trinity Health & Living, Diana Nguyen explains:

"Theta brainwaves are the state you are in when you're in deep meditation. Alpha brainwaves are normally when you're in the state of deep sleep and the beta brainwaves are what we're typically accustomed to during our waking day, focused on cognitive tasks. What you want is more of the delta/alpha or theta brainwaves and not the beta!"

For me, right now, bring on the beta.