InCounsel Weekly #63: In-house Legal 2020, A Privacy Policy to Watch and Building the Tesla for Legal

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What skills will in-house lawyers need for 2020?

In late 2016, a team of lawyers from BT analysed the main drivers for change facing in-house legal and compliance teams.

Many of the trends and recommendations they reported remain current today, and will no doubt give in-house teams a reliable steer through to 2020.


One heck of a Privacy Policy

Hands up if an ‘Update to our Privacy Policy’ email dropped into your inbox today?

Now, keep your hand up if you actually read it.

Here’s a privacy policy actually worth reading (or watching), or actioning.



What would a law firm run by Tesla look like?

Instead of making a part that converts gasoline cars into hybrids, Tesla made its own electric car.

Atrium have built their own law firm, complete with an Elon Musk to call their own.


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