InCounsel Weekly #44: Unilever's GC on Data, 10 Things About Data Breaches, #LegalTech Funding, Exotic Papers and A Remote Work Survival Guide

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Photo credit: CMO

Photo credit: CMO

Unilever's GC: Bank on data or bank on irrelevance

Unilever UK’s general counsel, Jamie Barnard, took to the stage in Sydney last month at AANA Reset to stress the importance of data on marketing, and the implications of regulation, consumer bias and new technologies.

In his words:

… collect data so you know exactly what rights come with it. At any moment in time, be able to tell a regulator you’re allowed to use that data for that purpose,” he said. “If you don’t own the data you will have to buy it, or starve. Those that don’t own the data will hold it to ransom against those that do. The data you can own becomes a valuable asset.

Credit: The Australian

Ten things to do before a data breach occurs

Speaking of data…

While on stage discussing data breach do’s and don'ts at this year’s ACC Alberta Annual Conference, Marketo’s General Counsel, Sterling Miller noticed that while it’s important to know what to do if you have a breach, there are a number of things that all in-house lawyers should focus on before there is a breach.

Here are ten things you should know.


Chart of The Week: Global LegalTech Aggregate Funding (Q3'17)

#LegalTech startups have now raised $1.079 billion in global aggregate funding since 2011.

Here’s a chart that combines the latest CB Insights data from 2013 to date, plus their figures from 2011 and 2012.


How journalists unraveled the Panama Papers

Yes I know, the Panama Papers was so 2015.

It’s all about the Paradise Papers.

But if you’d like to know more about “probably the best implementation of task based/discovery based legal tech out there”, according to Reed Smith’s Innovation Manager, Alex G Smith, it’s the ICIJ’s use of open source technologies to unravel the Panama Papers.

Here’s how it went down.


A survival guide for remote working parents

Today is my fifth work-from-home day with my toddler.

I’ve had a grandparent close by for three days. And today is my second solo day.

Right now, I’m rushing to press send before he starts tugging at my power cables.

I wish I’d read this sooner.


The End

I love reading these thoughtful digests of broader developments in the law, legaltech, and in-house practice. I always find something insightful that piques my interest.
— Thomas Mitchell, Senior Legal Counsel at RATCH-Australia.

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