InCounsel Weekly #47: Intrapreneur's Dilemma, Legal Design, From Law to Global Startup, Smart Contracts for Dummies and The World's Biggest Hacks

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The Intrapreneur's Dilemma

For any lawyer looking to innovate in their firm or company, here’s some food for thought:

When someone tries to innovate within a traditional organization,
few will understand what he/she is doing,
but everybody will understand who is a trouble-maker.
After the innovation has been embraced by the organization,
few will remember who started it,
but everybody will remember who was a trouble-maker.
This is the dilemma encountered by many intrapreneurs -
they risk punishment for success.
— David Nordfors, President & Co-Founder IIIJ

And with this, Josh Kubicki – a legal sector intrapreneur for most of his professional life – shares his story of originating what is today called “managed document review” in the ediscovery and staffing world, then got sued for over $20 million for his efforts.

Credit: The Australian

Designing a better legal experience

I had to look twice when I saw this story on Typeform – a startup that has revolutionised the design of the humble form.

It features Margaret Hagan, fellow at Stanford Law’s Center on the Legal Profession and a lecturer at Stanford Institute of Design (the, and founder of the Open Law Lab, “a movement to make the law more accessible, more usable, and more engaging.”

In her words:

There’s this glaring absence of user experience in law. Whether it’s the layperson or the seasoned lawyer, so many people are miserable in law and no one is thinking about the actual experience or the human part of it.


A journey from law to global startup

Tuesday Trivia:

Q: Which shoe brand, worn by Rihanna, Elle Macpherson and Kate Middleton (plus more than six million customers worldwide) was founded by two ex-lawyers, who began their careers at Clutz and Blakes^?

A: Shoes of Prey.

Our good friends over at Beyond Billables talk to Shoes of Prey CEO and co-founder, Michael Fox: ex-lawyer, Googler and entrepreneur who broke the mould.

A cracker of an interview 💪🏼

^ sorry Ashurst, power of habit.


Smart Contracts for (not quite) dummies

You might have heard the term “smart contract”.

You might even know that they are “code” you can run on a blockchain, or you might not.

Either way, it’s not the easiest concept to wrap your head around.

This post does an excellent job of explaining how smart contracts work on the Ethereum Blockchain.

If you’ve got some basic programming chops (or just curious), you’ll enjoy some simple code examples too.


The world's biggest data breaches & hacks

Here’s a cool data visualisation of the biggest data breaches, leaks and hacks.

But what is perhaps more interesting, is to go ahead and filter this thing by industry.

We hear a lot about law firms being targeted by hackers, but according this, only one data breach in law is worth a featured slot: Mossack Fonseca.


The End

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— Jeremy Stevenson, General Counsel at CHAMP Private Equity

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