InCounsel Weekly #42: Your In-house Home, Partnership Track, Version Control, Leaderless and The Man Ride

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Credit: Australasian Lawyer

Credit: Australasian Lawyer

Your character, your company

This profile of Canon’s Chief Legal Counsel, David Field is a standout.

From his shift to in-house which proved to be a rude (yet critical) awakening, to how passion and work can be combined, David reveals his secret to finding your in-house home.

On saying goodbye to 100hr weeks in private practice to go in-house, then realising the grass didn’t get greener:

That told me that the common element was me, and that it was very much me and the boundaries I set in how I work and how I approached my work. It helped me a lot to re-establish some discipline in how I control my life and how I work.

Credit: The Australian

Credit: The Australian

On track

Here’s a well put together profile of five women on track to partnership.

With eight kids between them, flexibility and part-time options (for both them and their partners) is a major theme.

As Allens M&A lawyer, Michelle Bennett puts it:

Having my daughter has made me realise I’d really like to have a strong family life for her and my husband and any future children we have, and also to be a role model to her with my career by continuing to work in law or any changes in the future,” she says. “Am I confident I can have it all? I’ll give it a crack.


Version control

Have you ever had to shout across the office that you are making changes to a document and that everyone else should keep their hands off and wait their turn?

Or maybe you’re using SharePoint to solve this problem by checking in / out your docs, while knowing this is just enforcing the same behaviour, only without having to shout?

Here’s a new take on version control for Microsoft Word, starting at $0 per month – you can read a deep dive on the features here.


Where are the leaders?

Interesting fact: in a 2007 survey about law firm leaders in the US, by far and away the most admired law firm leader, receiving 13% of the vote, was Bob Dell from Latham.

This year, not a single name managed to capture more than 3%. And then there was this question:

Aside from your own law firm, please tell us the name of that law firm Managing Partner / Chair / CEO you most admire for their management / leadership competence.

Only 92 out of 885 respondents gave an answer. Why? The researchers suspect the answer lies in the following responses:

“I have no way of knowing” and “I’m not aware of any.”

The black dog still jumps

And it leaps higher than ever.

One in five men in Australia suffer from some form of mental illness. But it’s a subject rarely broached.

In honour of men worldwide who suffer in silence, The Man Ride battled through 1,000kms of riding from the rugged peaks of Snowdonia, Wales to the bustling heart of London … in just five days.

Elsewhere, hundreds of riders completed 200km local epics in nine global locations to broaden the conversation about Men’s Mental Illness.

Here’s the story.


The End

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— Kristyn Hales, Senior Lawyer at Queensland Department of Education and Training.

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