InCounsel Weekly #45: GCs Keeping it In-house, LawTech Woman, In-house Tech Stack and The State of Remote Work

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Because you can

Not sure if a survey of 86 people counts as enough of a sample size to ‘benchmark’ in-house legal teams, but hey, it’s a dataset and it does tell (or back up) well-beaten story

GCs (of companies with 1,000 - 250,000 employees) have brought the majority of work in-house.


Because you can.

When asked why they brought more work in-house, they most frequently responded that it was because they could (they had built or expanded internal capacity and now were using it), to save money, or because better software had become available.

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Law Tech Woman

OK so our incredibly talented, ex-A&O lawyer and now fully-reformed Operations & Marketing Manager at Lexoo in London, has been shortlisted for the TechWomen50 Awards for emerging tech talent.

In her words:

It was my time at A&O that I started to believe in the need for innovation in legal services delivery, and the potential for technology to truly transform the sector. Unlike many other industries, the legal sector has been slow to change; there is a lack of price transparency in legal bills, difficulty in measuring the quality of lawyers, inefficient processes ripe for automation, and an entrenched club of knowledge-keepers that protect the rules of the game.


AIG's in-house tech stack

So I quite liked this interview with AIG’s General Counsel, Chris Newby on tech they’ve pulled into their legal team.

Here’s a little grab bag of things they’ve done, from the usual suspects:

  • eSignatures with Docusign
  • eBilling
  • automated NDAs
  • a workflow and matter allocation tool
  • a document management system (although he’s shopping for a new one),

to the not so usual – a legal centre in Manila where company queries go automatically 😧

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The state of remote work

Here’s some great data about remote work from 1,097 US-based respondents across all company sizes and industries, neatly broken down into:

  • Remote Work Distribution by Department and Role
  • Remote Work’s Impact on Hiring, Retention and Management
  • Benefits & Challenges of Working Remotely
  • Managing a Remote Workforce
  • Remote Work and Job Performance

And then there’s this piece of kit, available only in the US (for now) 😥


The End

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— Anna Kuperman, General Counsel at Integria Healthcare.

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