InCounsel Weekly #43: GC Column, The Leaking Diversity Funnel, Coding Lawyers and 16 Personalities

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Credit: Australasian Lawyer

GC Column

From conspiracy to influence Korean regulators to a social media posting gone bad, here’s a snapshot of issues keeping GCs up at night (and getting them fired).

On developing a system that uses satellite imagery to combat illegal fishing, here’s Vulcan Inc. general counsel, Dave Stewart:

Very few countries have access to timely, actionable intelligence and technology to address this issue. We are developing an illegal fishing intelligence network that will bring this to them.

Credit: The Australian

The leaking diversity funnel

As part of their Women in the Workplace research, McKinsey & Co. conducted a deep dive on women in law firms in North America.

The inaugural study drew on survey responses by more than 2,500 lawyers and information from 23 of the nation’s top law firms.

The results are far from impressive.

Download the full report here.


Should lawyers learn to code?

It’s a question I hear a lot from lawyers.

Having been in startups for eight years, knowing how to code would have come in pretty handy. But I can’t.

Here’s one who can: ex-Freehills senior associate and now Head of Knowledge at McCabes Lawyers (via G+T), Jane Hogan tackles the issue after taking three months off to learn how to build websites from scratch.

[Plug] If you’re wondering whether to take the plunge, the College of Law Centre for Legal Innovation is hosting Jane, myself and a posse of legal technologists in a series of breakfast talks on the issue in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney next week.

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16 personalities

The last personality test I took was a psychometric test to get a job.

But I never saw the results.

Here’s a free Myers-Briggs-ish test , dubbed the NERIS Type Explorer, that takes less than 12 mins to complete, giving you an instant window into who you really are.

It has been taken nearly 100 million times – hat tip to Claire Bibby for unearthing this one.


The End

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