InCounsel Weekly #51: Building Expert Systems Without Code, Diversity Truths, The Problem With Copy & Paste, A Contract Critique and How Not to Forget Stuff

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Turn regulation into software, without code

Do you know your way around a piece of regulation, set of rules, list of conditions or a guide? This platform let’s you easily build a tool for your clients (internal or external) to find their own answers and auto-generate compliant docs.


Eight truths about diversity and inclusion at work

The good folks at Deloitte have drawn on seven major research studies on diversity of thinking, inclusive leadership, and customer diversity to serve up eight powerful truths that can help turn aspirations into reality.


How much of lawyering is being a copy-and-paste monkey?

I spend a lot of time discovering new contract drafting, automation and AI tech, so it’s quite refreshing to absorb (with a strong dose of ☕️) a detailed argument covering the core problem that plagues most contracts.


A critique of Citibank's new Credit Card Agreement

And speaking of contracts, Ken Adams grabs Citibank’s newly rolled out “clean… simple language” credit card agreement, and pulls no punches.


How to teach your brain something it won’t forget a week later

Cramming got you through your law degree, but it’s probably paying diminishing returns in your career. Here’s the scientific reason why.


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— Anna Kuperman, General Counsel at Integria Healthcare.

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