InCounsel Weekly #39: ASOS General Counsel, A Better Drafting Tool, Bragging Rights and The "2 List" Strategy

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Interview: Andrew Magowan, GC of ASOS

ASOS general counsel and executive board member, Andrew Magowan speaks frankly to Lexoo about his biggest challenges, adding value, innovation and why he’s pessimistic of traditional law firms.

In his words:

GCs like me control the money and if traditional law firms fail to adapt, they might find that the money ends up going elsewhere very quickly.

Draft better

Here’s a legal drafting tool, which was born out of the frustrations of using Word to do the very specialised job of drafting legal content. Check out the demo☝🏼 and try it for free by joining their partner program.

Oh, and it’s Made in Australia too 🇦🇺


Bragging rights

OK it’s time to brag just a little. 

But it’s not every day that the Financial Times gives you a giant pat on the back. 

Our incredible UK team collected the gong for legal innovation in helping startups, judged as the “standout” winner, leading on all three metrics - originality, leadership and impact.

Over 4,000 startups have now used Lexoo. And a startup has actually hired a lawyer via Lexoo, every working day since our launch.


The "2 List" strategy

I’m trying this right now. And so far, so good.

It’s a strategy on how to prioritise stuff, shared directly from one of Warren Buffett’s employees to a good friend of James Clear, who’s a great authority on productivity himself.

Super simple and a little daunting.


The End

I love reading these thoughtful digests of broader developments in the law, legaltech, and in-house practice. I always find something insightful that piques my interest.
— Thomas Mitchell, Senior Legal Counsel at RATCH-Australia.

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