InCounsel Weekly #52: Sole GC Survival Guide, In-house @ School, Comic Contracts, ALSP Impact and A Chat With Dr. Beaton

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A sole GC survival guide

There’s not a lot written for sole GCs, so it’s great to have Stirling Miller serve up ten practical ways (with resources) to survive life as the only lawyer in the building.


Australia's first school lawyer

And speaking of solo in-house lawyers, it’s not every day you find one featured on ABC Radio. So here you have it: Vincent Shin, our first in-house school lawyer.


Comic contracts to make the law understandable

Most people don’t read the T&Cs, so lawyers are experimenting with comics and graphics to make them more understandable.


The impact of alternative legal providers

According to Jordan Furlong’s handpicked list of alternative legal services providers, none of them are old enough to legally drink in the United States.


A chat with Dr George Beaton

So there is $1bn of private equity money ready to be invested into professional services, much of it in law for disruption – $400m into lawtech in the UK and $50m for Australia.


The End

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— Jeremy Stevenson, General Counsel at CHAMP Private Equity.

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