InCounsel Weekly #62: Be Less Wordy, GDPR Ruining My Life and Amazon: The Law Firm

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“More visual, less wordy”

Ring a bell? It’s what our clients want, right?

Here’s an idea , inspired by the industry-leading “Marvel Method” of creating comics, that could help lawyers engage in a visually-driven, collaborative process with clients 💡


GDPR is ruining my life

Here’s the most refreshing, practical take on GDPR I’ve come across.

Even if you’re not caught by the EU regime, it’s a pretty solid checklist for anyone collecting data and marketing to customers.

Penned in no-nonsense, plain language by former-lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, Kate Jackson 💪


What would a law firm run by Amazon look like?

A few features:

  • Commoditised and Automated
  • Transparent
  • Data Driven
  • Frictionless
  • Hire on Potential, not Pedigree
  • Subscriptions

Check out the hypothetical playbook in full, by Fastcase CEO, Ed Walters.


Our readers say:

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— Kristyn Hales, Senior Lawyer at Queensland Department of Education and Training Mitchell, Senior Legal Counsel at RATCH-Australia.

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