Facebook GC Mandates Diversity for Outside Counsel

Fresh on the heels of HP's General Counsel announcing that they'll withhold up to 10% of fees invoiced by firms that fall short on diversity, Facebook has mandated that women and ethnic minorities must make up at least 33 per cent of external legal teams working on its matters.

Here's Facebook GC, Colin Stretch:

"... we want to see them win our cases and create opportunities for women and people of colour. We think the firms are ready – our articulation gives not just permission, but a mandate.”

And that's not all – on 20 April, MetLife’s General Counsel Ricardo Anzaldua will host up to 75 of its outside law firms for a summit where he plans to deliver an ultimatum: create a formal plan to retain and promote your diverse talent by next year, or don’t plan to work with MetLife much longer.