e-Discovery's Shift to In-House

An excellent analysis of where e-discovery is heading (in-house it seems), authoritatively penned by Gregory Bufithis of The Project Counsel Group.

In it, Gregory draws a parallel with trends in mobile, setting out the coming ’S-curve reset’ from incremental tweaks to rapid innovation through artificial intelligence.

Interestingly, he now sees organisations viewing e-discovery as part of a broader information challenge – turning to in-house solutions and to vendors that are currently flying under the radar.

Citing the view of several corporations about one particular vendor:

“Look, we used to have [xxx] do this for us outside the offie. Yes one of the major e-discovery players. And they used [xxx]. But we started using Brainspace and it was incredible, the context/connection it provided. It clearly answers .. for us, anyway … that gnawing issue: when you have unstructured data, how do you actually go about analyzing it? Their concept searching is amazing. And we did it all in house.”