Doing law different with L'Oreal's Anna Lozynski

L’Oreal’s Executive General Counsel, Anna Lozynski is not only a rare example of a GC who has synthesised their learnings (and passion) into a book on legal innovation, but has done so in a way that has won her an admirable readership both within and outside of the legal profession.

I caught up with Anna near her Melbourne HQ and couldn’t resist some follow-up questions and the opportunity to share some of her journey with you:

You are one of two in-house lawyers (globally) I know who’ve written a book! How did that idea come about?

Without getting too woo-woo about it, creating content around legal innovation feels part of my life’s purpose, brings a sparkle to my eye and I thrive from the creative process that comes with it. 

One day after repeatedly being asked how I came to drink the “legal innovation Kool-Aid” and feeling as if the momentum around the concept needed greater cut-through, I decided to go out on a whim and write Legally Innovative. I am on a mission to inspire others to also “do law” differently, as I believe that legal innovation is invigorating, change is energising and efficiency will never go out of fashion. 

So imagine this: we jump into an elevator together, you’ve got 20 seconds to give me the main takeaway from your book, what’s your “elevator” pitch? 

Legally Innovative is a must read for anyone in the law who is interested in transforming their mindset, professional relationships and legal presence. And, who wants to maximise their legal W.O.W [Ways of Working].

There’s a lot of hypothetical and fear-led coverage of legal innovation out there. By deliberate design, Legally Innovative adopts a positive approach, is practical, deliberately provocative and it cuts to the chase.

You won’t be bogged down in long stories and theory – you are given a framework and tools and some helpful, encouraging guidance. Particularly with the W.O.W. Goals, the reader is given a roadmap for how to take ideas forward and play, customise and innovate with them.

August + Hive Privacy Policy design sprint in action.

OK you’re an author on legal innovation, you’re a GC, so what’s the innovation in the legal sector that excites you?

Legal tech created with its business user in mind, not just a legal user, excites me. The magic happens when you receive positive feedback from external third parties who notice how frictionless a process has become because of legal tech. It’s the ultimate compliment for a legal team when the business approaches it asking for assistance to automate business process X or Y to drive efficiency.

In parallel, I am excited for what will emerge from the next frontier of legal tech – the ideas emerging from legal tech hubs, global hackathons, as well as the incorporation of more artificial intelligence / machine learning. For instance, matter management software that has the capability to assist a lawyer with data entry by capturing data from completed emails, calendar entries for meetings etc, would be a phenomenal improvement to the high level of human touch and level of time investment currently required.

There have been some examples of synergies occurring too which can only elevate the profession - I’d like to see more of that happening amongst legal tech providers, as well as more synergies occurring between say, law firms and legal tech providers, or law schools and legal tech vendors.

Are there any innovations or software out there you wish existed / you’d like to know about?

I have so many responses to this question. And that’s because innovation can mean so many different things, and I’m not the first to say that the legal profession is transforming magnificently slowly.

Bear with me.

Given the legal tech world has been marked as an area of serious growth and new players are popping up more frequently, as legal tech vendors are adopting a long term view in terms business growth and strategy, the future in my eyes is also about truly and meaningfully understanding consumer needs on a more wholistic basis. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages, emails and visual stimulation, simplicity is a luxury. Collaboration the new way of kicking some serious goals.

Thus, APIs will have a significant part to play in the future of legal tech. At present, while there is not one legal tech vendor that offers the full suite of capabilities, once the use of legal tech becomes the “new normal”, clients will want (and so too will their business clients want) a single operating system or interface to access legal support. Imagine if you had to carry a separate smart phone for each of your apps! That means existing legal tech is going to have to connect and “talk” to one another. This means the existing legal tech world is going to have undergo a transformation of its own.

[law students]... are not set up for success during their degree to live up to their legal employer’s expectations. There is an enormous chasm here and a burgeoning issue to address.

What I also wish existed was greater education about tech and its practical usage in law schools. Legal innovation is not yet a staple part of curriculums – some Universities are making more head way here than others. In speaking with law students regularly, there is resounding feedback about the pressure they feel as digital natives to be the way of the future. However, they are not set up for success during their degree to live up to their legal employer’s expectations. There is an enormous chasm here and a burgeoning issue to address. To that end, I’d also like to see more diversity on Law School Boards; that is, I think they would benefit from having representatives from across the profession in addition to law firms. Legal career paths are changing, and that needs to be better reflected throughout the entire legal ecosystem.

What are you working on next?

I’ve just launched my second e-Book, The New Age Lawyers, which has had a fantastic uptake rate a few months in. It’s an in-depth series of conversations with 13 innovation professionals from around the globe who over “20 questions” tell us about what it takes to live, breathe and thrive in the legal roles of the future.

I’m always adding to my @legallyinnovative Instagram community, as well as my blog.

And, e-Book #3 is ready to go in my head. It too will be borne out of collaboration. I’m currently on the hunt for a sponsor so readers can access it for free. Given the topic, I’d love to see a law firm get behind it. Thus, I’m sneaking in a shameless Call To Action to your newsletter readers to help me find a law firm sponsor!

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