InCounsel Weekly

InCounsel Weekly #51: Building Expert Systems Without Code, Diversity Truths, The Problem With Copy & Paste, A Contract Critique and How Not to Forget Stuff

In this week's edition, we discover a tool that lets anyone build an expert system, automate documents and more, get eight truths about diversity and inclusion, dive deep into the core problem with contract drafting (then critique one of Citibank's contracts while we're at it), then learn how to teach your brain something it won’t forget a week later.

InCounsel Weekly #50: Transformative Women GCs, e-Signatures, The Art of Sole Counsel, Microsoft on AI <> Law and Hiring Outside Counsel

In this week's edition, we meet 33 women GCs transforming the industry, get the latest thinking on when/how to use e-signatures, sit down with the sole counsel of Artsy, get the down low on Microsoft's epic paper on AI and law and spot the global trends on hiring outside counsel.

InCounsel Weekly #47: Intrapreneur's Dilemma, Legal Design, From Law to Global Startup, Smart Contracts for Dummies and The World's Biggest Hacks

In this week's edition, we meet the ex-lawyer now selling custom heels to Rihanna, we pick apart the Intrapreneur's Dilemma in law, step into the world of legal design, get a crash course on Ethereum Smart Contracts and visualise the world's biggest data hacks.