InCounsel Weekly #64: A Simple Workflow Automation

A Kanban board in action.

A Kanban board in action.

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A simple workflow automation

Here’s a little something you can experiment with.

This simple automation:

✏️ Lets internal clients a submit legal request to your team.

💌 Emails the client a copy of their request.

📋 Adds the task to a Kanban board (a visual workflow tool to manage tasks and projects).

Go ahead and submit a dummy request.

If you add your email, you’ll get a copy of your request. It will then appear on the (public) Kanban board, which you can play with.

What the automation looks like in Zapier.

What the automation looks like in Zapier.

We're using...

  1. A Google Form to take requests (free and easy to use)

  2. A Trello board (the undisputed king of Kanban, and it’s free 💪🏻)

  3. Zapier : to pipe the info collected in the Google Form into Trello, and send you an email with your request ⚡️

Useful for in-house legal requests from the business or for external clients on retainer, for example.


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