Featured Panel Member: Nicholas S

It’s not every day you meet a former barrister who has successfully transitioned to become a sought after contractor for in-house legal teams.

That’s exactly what Nicholas has done after leaving the bar in 2017 to set up his own IP, litigation and commercial law practice. Since then, he has contracted to a variety of corporate legal teams such as Telstra, Nine Entertainment Co. and Fairfax.

We sat down with Nicholas to learn more.

The Agile GC: Sarah Gaidzkar at PageUp

The Agile GC: Sarah Gaidzkar at PageUp

I first met Sarah Gaidzkar when she was Acting General Counsel at Envato, and she described working hand-in-glove with their tech team using ‘project circles’ and lean, agile methodologies for their legals.

Now as General Counsel at PageUp, I caught up with Sarah to get another taste of what running an agile in-house legal team looks like at her new home, and the tech tools they use day-to-day.

InCounsel Weekly #51: Building Expert Systems Without Code, Diversity Truths, The Problem With Copy & Paste, A Contract Critique and How Not to Forget Stuff

In this week's edition, we discover a tool that lets anyone build an expert system, automate documents and more, get eight truths about diversity and inclusion, dive deep into the core problem with contract drafting (then critique one of Citibank's contracts while we're at it), then learn how to teach your brain something it won’t forget a week later.